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Immediate Response to News that DACA is re-started after District Court Judge rules against Trump Immediate response to breaking news that a federal district court judge in California order Trump to begin accepting applications for DACA renewal in spite of the order from September 5 that Trump would  terminate DACA.

DACA Renewals Denied at Deadline, part 3

I have been Talking about this issue with the DACA renewals for the dreamers for the past two weeks. I knew something was fishy when applications and I mailed on September 13, September 15, September 16, September 17, all somehow claim to have been received by Immigration on October 6 - 1 day after the ...

DACA Renewals Rejected, Part 2

News has been coming out in the past few weeks about DACA renewals getting denied by USCIS. Earlier this week I posted about it in my previous blog entry. I faced this problem first hand, and it was hard for me to believe that DACA applications that I mailed three weeks before the deadline were ...

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