Applying for unemployment benefits due to the Coronavirus

In this video we explain how you can apply for and receive unemployment benefits in California due to the Corona Virus and if it will affect your eligibility for a green card in the future under the new Trump Public Charge rule for people who have received government assistance.

Applying for FEMA benefits if you’re an undocumented immigrant

Due to the #campfire disaster in #Paradise, I’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls from #undocumented #immigrants who want to know if receiving #FEMA benefits will affect their eligibility for a #greencard, or will trigger #deportation. What makes the issue complicated is that Trump has recently talked about changing the rules regarding eligibility for ...

Immigration sweep impacts Butte County

A brief well written article about the dilemma immigrants face once arrested by ICE during the current raids in the North Valley.

Immediate Response to News that DACA is re-started after District Court Judge rules against Trump Immediate response to breaking news that a federal district court judge in California order Trump to begin accepting applications for DACA renewal in spite of the order from September 5 that Trump would  terminate DACA.

Talking about Trump’s April 2020 Announcement to Pause all Immigration

Breaking down the actual effects of Trump's April 21, 2020 announcement to pause all legal immigration, including green cards. Click on the picture to watch the video. Go to for more content, or call 530-715-2300.


Trump will delay the mass deportations raids and arrests of illegal immigrants for a few weeks.

Trump will delay the mass deportations raids and arrests of illegal immigrants for a few weeks. Good. But you must still be careful. ICE is always out there in the community, coming to homes, stopping people in their cars, and making arrests - just not part of a large raid operation. If you see ICE ...

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