More facts coming out about the Kate Steinle Murder Trial…

This morning the San Francisco Public Defender Matt Gonzalez spoke on local radio KPFA to discuss the defense for Garcia-Zarate in the Kate Steinle murder trial.  It is a very informative interview in which Gonzalez discusses the facts and context and background that do not get heard on the mainstream media outlets.  Please click on the link to hear more, but a few key take aways:

First, the San Francisco DA’s office undermined their credibility by charging the defendant with 1st degree and 2nd degree murder, as well as manslaughter. While manslaughter could have been entertained as a possible offense, they likely made that conclusion impossible by reaching for more. This is remarkable considering the DA’s office contracted with private jury consultants.

Second, the weapon was a Sig Sauer 7+1 that was made without a safety. The gun had been loaded to put one in the chamber, the magazine taken out and reloaded for maximum rounds.  This weapon was stolen out of a federal BLM rangers vehicle, while he was using his official vehicle on a family road trip with 2 kids in the backseat, and why he needed a backup weapon is anyones guess.

Third, DHS / ICE have made about 1500 incorrect detainer requests in the past 10 years in their attempts to take custody of those suspected of immigrant violations, meaning they have incorrectly sought custody of citizens and others with a legal right to be in the states.

Last but not least, the bullet ricocheted off the ground approximately 14 feet from where Garcia Zarate, then traveled 58 feet before striking Kate Steinle. In other words, to those who argue the defendant shot her on purpose, he missed his target by 70 feet.

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