DACA Renewals Rejected, Part 2

News has been coming out in the past few weeks about DACA renewals getting denied by USCIS. Earlier this week I posted about it in my previous blog entry. I faced this problem first hand, and it was hard for me to believe that DACA applications that I mailed three weeks before the deadline were rejected for allegedly not being received on time by USCIS. I was pretty sure that this was not an isolated problem, and I’ve been getting emails from other attorney groups asking me to join in a class-action lawsuit against the government.

As the days progress, more more information is coming out to show that USCIS illegally denied these DACA renewal applications.

The Trump administration rejected 4,000 “late” DACA renewals. Some were sitting in its mailbox at the deadline, and many immigrants were punished despite doing everything right.

The plaintiffs in a lawsuit allege that many DACA renewal applications did arrive at a USCIS mailbox on October 5 — and were rejected as late anyway. At two of the three mailboxes – that USCIS used to accept DACA applications – applications were placed in the mailbox in the late afternoon or evening of October 5, but marked as “received” on October 6.

Some applications USCIS received earlier were rejected for arbitrary reasonS, like one applicant whose renewal application was rejected because a USCIS employee misread the date on her check.

If there is any lawsuit or if there or any rulings that fix the problem of improperly denied DACA applications, you can be sure that I will join it, and you can be sure that the applications that were denied that I sent will be fixed. I will not stop or rest on this issue. It’s just another example of Trump and his administration treating immigrants unfairly.

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