Deadline DACA Renewals Rejected

When the DACA  termination was announced on September 5, 2017, Attorney General Jeff sessions said that DACA recipients could renew their DACA applications if Immigration received the application by October 5, 2017.

Right after this announcement, I announced that I would be doing free Saturday morning DACA renewal clinics to take place in my office. I did three of these: September 16, September 23, September 30. The last one that I did on September 30, I priority priority express mailed contract DACA renewals so that they would arrive at Immigration by October 4th at the latest.

However, a few of these were denied because Immigration claims that they received them as late as October 16th.

This was not an isolated problem. This problem has been tracked and documented around the United States. There’s a lawsuit started by some immigration attorneys to sue the United States government for failing to properly receive and process DACA applications in time. In fact, United States Postal Service took responsibility for the delay in processing mail in some of the major cities. Immigration says that there’s nothing that can be done, and the fault is not theirs.

Hopefully a major lawsuit will fix this problem, or Congress will fix the problem by renewing and extending the DACA program and turning it into a pathway to a green card.

I spoke a little bit about this in my video on Facebook. Click here to watch.

  1. […] coming out in the past few weeks about DACA renewals getting denied by USCIS. Earlier this week I posted about it in my previous blog entry. I faced this problem first hand, and it was hard for me to believe that DACA applications that I […]



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